40 Days of Treats
Okay, we’ve got to do something about this

So the 40 days for Life people are back in London, silently maintaining a vigil that makes some of us quite annoyed.  Engagement doesn’t always work with this sort of crowd, so what can we do? 

A counter protest for 40 days doesn’t seem right - why draw attention to them? Instead, lets do something for the people who are probably most affected and could use the boost.

Let’s give the nice people at BPAS 40 days of treats.  

I know, I know, economic climate, yadda yadda yadda but if you are Pro Choice, why not use some of your shiny pounds so that we can show our appreciation to these organizations.

Another thing you can do is follow @clare_bpas on Twitter or any other of the groups out there (I’m writing this in five minutes at work so we can get started but hope to add more information as we go along) and send them messages of support. 

We need to raise our Pro-Choice voices and pass the Jaffa cakes to this organization that provide excellent services and don’t deserve people on their doorstep being annoying.

So here’s what I suggest:

1 - Ask these lovely people at these lovely organizations what treat they might like and make it a date to bring them something to brighten up their day.  Or alternatively surprise them with those lovely cupcakes from that place you know.  Or flowers.  Or yo-yo’s.  Remember, they are all across the UK so even if they aren’t being pestered by an ill-conceived vigil, I’m sure they all still enjoy chocolate (or Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free etc alternative).

2 - If you can’t make it down, why not consider giving them some money?  

British Pregnancy Advisory Services’s donation page

3 - There are many other organizations that could also use your support - Marie Stopes (@mariestopes), Education for Choice (@EdForChoice), FPA (@FPACharity) - especially in Northern Ireland and Abortion Rights (@Abortion_Rights) for a start.  

4 - Send me photos (40daysoftreats AT gmail DOT com) of the treats you are sending or the people who have received them! Or Tweet the pics at me -  @40daysoftreats.   Let’s show our support people! 

5 - Tell everyone else to do the same.

Come on!  Let’s make some people happy.

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