40 Days of Treats
They’re baaacck….

And I guess so are we!

Check out @carmenego’s blog.  On the first day there was chocolate!

We might try to figure out a way to donate this year if we can manage it!

But if you want to participate the idea is simple: 

  • find an appropriate treat (chocolate, fruit, a card, a donation)
  • pick your organisation (BPAS, Education for Choice, Abortion Rights, Abortion Support Network, FPA)
  • bring treats! 
  • send us pics (40daysoftreats@gmail.com)

I’ll get my act together in a bit…it’s been a bit of a long day!

Hanging out at the BPCA

Today we finally managed to stop by at the Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Alliance in Bedford Square.  It is nice to have a counter-presence to those doing 40 days for life.  Even just during the hour I was there we had quite a few people express the fact that they were glad we were there.

And here’s me, expressing one of the many reasons that I’m Pro-Choice.

It’s been quite a pro-choice weekend :)


What a great evening at the #prochoiceprotest!  Thanks to everyone who came along and made us a huge force for good!

Some flickr photos!

And a video from The Pod Delusion


The assault on the NHS is accelerating into a massacre and there is only one person that can stop it.

Politicians in this country do not want free health care for the people of this country. Andrew Lansley himself has his office funded by a private healthcare company. There is only one person…

BPAS 2012 Public Lecture

Today’s Action from the 40 Days for Choice Campaign is to listen to the BPAS 2012 Public Lecture!

I went to the lecture last week, which was excellent.  Considering what is happening today at clinics in Brighton and Bedford Square (see @BenGoldacre’s and the @BloomsburyPCA’s tweet streams for more information).

The Americanisation of abortion provision is possibly one of the most terrifying things I can imagine - considering they are now attacking basic access to contraception we know this is not just a one issue thing.  It strikes at the heart of women’s right to choose and the control of her life.

So support 40 Days for Choice and Bloomsbury PCA!

Some more lovely treats!

But not from me or @carmenego

Some lovely folks in Brighton have set up their own 40 days of treats-a-thon in response to a similar anti-choice demonstration there.

You can find them at Brighton 40 Days of Treats so I guess if you are in Brighton see if you can get involved :)

Not to mention the good choice initiatives is still going on over at 40 days for choice for quite a few more days!  It’s going to be a very pro-choice February and March :)

One of my favourite cartoons

In this picture Annie Besant and Charles Bradlaugh dance through the streets in a UK where birth control is practiced (this is way back in the 1870s).

Annie and Charles were charged with obscenity for publishing a book on contraception (a really terrible book that would frankly scare the crap out of anyone) but they eventually were let off.  I like the wet nurses bemoaning their fate in that they are out of work :p

It is an era that most of the Republican nominees must look back fondly as it seems to be where they want to put the American populace.

Show your support

You can see my tired mug from last night up on the 40 days of Choice blog where you can add yours as well!

Also there are some twibbons or whatever they are called with the slogan on them if you fancy that as well.

I was going to do a longer blogpost last night but my computer has unceremoniously packed it in and I couldn’t get the photos that I wanted off of it. 

Hopefully get around to something more thoughtful by the weekend!

40 Days for Choice


I am returning to blogging to help support this new campaign - 40 Days of Choice!

You can find out about it and follow the blog here

But also follow the Twitter account here

There will be more tweets, blogs and information coming out in the next few days so follow all the other pro-choice organisations on Twitter as well!

Given that there is some craziness in the US over contraception and Catholic organisations (not to mention a few not so choice-friendly Republican candidates) I thought I’d post this picture which I found at my volunteering gig this evening.

So I won’t be pestering you all to drop of treats (though if you feel like it, don’t let me stop you!) but will be talking about choice and maybe some more history of choice :)


It seems that the Vigil has returned to Bedford Square.

I would encourage everyone to send some messages of support to @Clare_Bpas and tweet #prochoice messages today.  Write some blogs, write to your MP, write to the papers?

It saddens me that they have the funds to keep harassing women in this way, both those using the services and those providing them.  

Let’s have a bit of a group think to see how we can counter this with a positive, pro-choice and pro-active attitude.